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How to live beyond disappointment

“We judge others by their actions. We judge ourselves by our intentions.” I’m always reminded of this quote (which is ascribed to Stephen Covey) whenever I find myself tempted to with the feeling of disappointment. My writer’s brain splits this word into two: dis-appointment. There is a distance between this moment and the appointed moment […]


The Pain of a Divided Heart

I talk about wholeness every day. After my recent recovery from a COVID infection, I felt the experience solidified the fact that I have, indeed, found my sweet spot: restoring wholeness. For most of my life, brokenness formed the essence of my identity. Like some of you reading this today, I have felt disassociated from […]


Finding the work that makes your heart sing

Work that feels meaningful feels like a luxury. When we hit crisis mode, whether pandemic induced or otherwise, we can’t think about what feels good. We just need to work so that we can pay our bills. Once things stabilise, we are grateful to have a job that offers us a sense of permanence, even […]


Five Keys to Money Mastery

Money management is simple, right? We all know what to do: spend less than you make, invest 15-20% of your income and avoid debt like the plague. Simple in theory, yes. In everyday life… not so much. Our relationship with money is hard coded into our identity, as research shows that our money habits are […]

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How I found my first job

(You can also watch the video here.) What do you do when there are no real expectations for your life? I was the first one in my immediate family to see my name published in the paper. I got two distinctions and my matric exemption meant that I could apply for tertiary study. I was […]


Re-imagining a post pandemic office

The acceleration of change spurred on by the global pandemic has wearied the world. Employees who were hoping that 2021 would magically make all the COVID-19 craziness go away are grappling with persistent anxiety. Human beings weren’t designed to live in constant stress.  We resist the things we cannot control and try to do everything […]

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How will you take back your life in 2021?

There is no magic in the start of a new year. The change of the calendar is not going to induce some mystical shift in the patterns of our lives.  The magic is in you. Every thought that races through our brains (that’s 6 000 per day) and every action we take is a seed […]


Journaling offers a mirror to your soul

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” – Christina Baldwin I witnessed my father beat up my mother from the time I could remember. Living with that monster of fear has a way of stuffing your voice so far down to the far corners of your soul that there is no air left when you do […]

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It’s Time For A Wholeness Revolution

We’ve lied to our children. It’s a beautiful lie because it’s one that we’ve told ourselves. All deception is built upon a partial truth. That’s what makes it so believable, so pervasive – and so dangerous. We’ve told young people that they need to work hard at school, get accepted into university, study hard and […]