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How I found my first job

(You can also watch the video here.) What do you do when there are no real expectations for your life? I was the first one in my immediate family to see my name published in the paper. I got two distinctions and my matric exemption meant that I could apply for tertiary study. I was […]

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A Letter To The Fatherless

Father’s Day is not a joyous celebration for everyone. For many, it is a bittersweet, mostly painful reminder of what’s missing in their lives. As people scroll through all the dad love on social media, there are many silent observers reflecting on what they wish they had. If Father’s Day causes you to feel numb, […]

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Not Just The #RedTieGuy

I can’t believe that I’m writing this today. When I last wrote about Mikhail Hendricks, it was in the present tense. I’d just seen him at an event, where I placed him at the table with the Rector of the University he attended. My most vivid memory of Mikhail is his intense energy as he […]

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Tribute to Simba Mhere

I only met Simba Mhere once. That’s all it took for him to leave an indelible impression on me. I didn’t ask for his autograph during our hour-or-so interview. I wanted to play it cool and not come across as an over-eager groupie. He’d just been selected as Top Billing presenter and was taking it […]

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When Heroes Fall

Everybody wants a hero. Not too many volunteer to be one. Let’s face it: a true hero is fictional. They come alive on 3D screens and dominate the focus of media coverage. But deep down, we all know the deal. Someone is about to fall. It’s a familiar story… someone becomes an overnight success – […]

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This Is My Country Too

I write this letter to all who will listen to a South African woman who wishes to let her voice be heard amongst the dissenting clamour threatening the purity and promise of our hard won  freedom. I wonder what people think about when they look at me. Perhaps they see just another ‘Indian’ and unconsciously […]