Career Soul

Organisations Don’t Owe You Anything

The sooner we understand that organisations don’t owe us anything, the sooner we start making a real contribution in the working world. I have been working for 16 years. I started at the delicate age of 17, fresh out of high school, looking for work because I didn’t have the money to pursue a full-time […]

Soul Spirit

Overcoming The Sting Of Failure

What is it about starting a new year that fills one with a complex mixture of optimism and secret despondency? Maybe it’s because we have such good memories. I was telling my husband the other day that my goals for the past five years haven’t changed: Get closer to God Lose weight Write more Travel […]

Relationships Soul Spirit

Levels And Layers

  I’ve been realising more and more how we experience and live life through ‘levels and layers’. The friends you had in high school are now weird looking adults with marital appendages and oggly googly offspring to boot. Your junk-food eating and animal-like partying tendencies eventually catch up and suddenly a new decade sneaks up on you, resulting […]

Soul Spirit

Run Your (Own) Race

Today I made history. Not the kind of history that would make the evening news – but the kind of personal history that celebrates my freedom. I woke up super early and although my irritated body tried to talk me out of it, I drove to the Cradle of Humankind to participate in my first […]

Career My South Africa

When Heroes Fall

Everybody wants a hero. Not too many volunteer to be one. Let’s face it: a true hero is fictional. They come alive on 3D screens and dominate the focus of media coverage. But deep down, we all know the deal. Someone is about to fall. It’s a familiar story… someone becomes an overnight success – […]

Career Spirit

Dying To Be Reborn

I am an idealist. I see in pictures. My life is full of metaphors and meanings – often resulting in the tell-tale eye glazing reaction of the person I am trying to channel all this passionate towards. Which is why I love writing. The white space just absorbs all the feeling and fear and clarity […]

My South Africa Spirit

This Is My Country Too

I write this letter to all who will listen to a South African woman who wishes to let her voice be heard amongst the dissenting clamour threatening the purity and promise of our hard won  freedom. I wonder what people think about when they look at me. Perhaps they see just another ‘Indian’ and unconsciously […]