Help me launch a global wholeness revolution!

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What if… wholeness is possible?

What if we didn’t accept brokenness and pain as a life sentence and was able to reclaim the power in our own lives and rewrite our life stories? What if we could find a way for wholeness to be restored and to experience harmony in our relationships, career and finances?

The Wholeness Revolutions is an autobiography of an Indian woman born in South Africa in 1980. The book explores the experience of growing up in a home plagued by domestic violence and how it assaults the soul of the child witnesses who live on the brink of death every day.

Interwoven with the political changes at the time, the author explores the nuances of personal freedom within a socio-political context. What if the real enemies to your wholeness is culture, religion and what you’ve learned about your place in the world?

How does someone find their voice when it has been violently silenced? How does one speak about things no one wants to hear, like rape, intimate partner violence and even spiritual abuse? The author interlaces her spiritual journey into each chapter as she grapples with religious concepts translating into lived experience.

Given that South Africa is the rape capital of the world, and the shocking gender based violence that continues unabated, this biography takes readers into a deep place of self-reflection. What stories are we living out every day and how do we reclaim our lives?

This is not a unique story – but it is a shared story of many around the world. Abuse may have shaped you, but it doesn’t have to define you. The author shares her own journey of healing, which embraces wholeness and shares hope of rewriting your story after abuse. Readers will also appreciate the insights gained from navigating an inter-racial marriage and re-framing race relations from a personal perspective.

This is an important work from a marginalized voice, which has the power to birth hope in readers that there can be a way to reclaim one’s power. You too can live, love and work from wholeness.